Fist clean between two school students in Lincoln Heights

The school is still investigating the incident.

Screenshot video Telemundo

Two students were involved in a strong fight at a school in Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles. The quarrel was videotaped and the mother of one of those involved told Telemundo that the reason for the fight was that his daughter is a victim of bullying and he was defending himself.

In the video it looks like the two girls exchange blows, until a teacher arrives and stops the fight.

The alleged victim said that her aggressor pulled her hair and hit her repeatedly, and that she was just trying to defend herself.

The fight happened on September 26 at the institute's facilities, during school hours, confirmed Arina Goldring-Ravin, superintendent of the Los Angeles Leadership Academy. The official said that the school is investigating the case waiting to know more details and to have a better understanding about the reason that generated this incident. He also said the school will take action according to its policies.

Another student who was present while the fight was taking place was the one who recorded all the time.

The victim's mother, Teresa Cerón, already He had reported to the school authorities that his daughter was a victim of bullying. According to Cerón, the aggressors have called their daughter “ugly and that she is a girl with mental problems”.

After the fight, Cerón said that the aggressor was suspended for a day, but that aggressions and abuse continue.

“The children are talking about a second fight. I tried to contact the principal of the school, and so far she has not answered me, ”said the worried mother.

Cerón said that her daughter is scared and that due to the video, he has been the victim of teasing.

“It can be very fatal, there are children who take their lives, there are children who lose their lives because they beat them”Cerón declared, and gave an example of the sad case of the 13-year-old Diego, who after receiving a heavy beating at his school in Moreno Valley, died last week.

On Tuesday, the mother of the alleged victim and Superintendent Goldring met to continue investigating the case.

Watch the video here.


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