Sylvie Talec

Surprise, happiness, but also disappointment, disillusionment are feelings well known to those who are called "impatriates". For his "Impatent Me" podcast, French Morning's Eric Gendry spread his microphone to French people who tell how they lived back home.

At the microphone of the 30th, Sylvie Talec who, at 50, lived half of his life outside France. In 2018, after several expatriations on three different continents (Tahiti, Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, Ivory Coast), the mother returned to the French soil with her three children, leaving behind her husband still stationed in Abidjan in Ivory Coast.

If she remains marked by these various experiences abroad, the fifty-year-old nevertheless recognizes that the French feeling has always remained deeply rooted in his mind. "This remains our backbone that allows us to cross these fantastic experiences by not losing ourselves in this journey", She says.
The biggest difficulty of the return remains that of renewing herself professionally, she who was in charge of external relations for the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan. "I was confronted with the fifties when I arrived in France, the French job market remains limited on profiles a little atypical like ours", tells Sylvie Talec, "In 20 years, things have not finally evolved on the subject, but I try to open up, to multiply the meetings".

Listen to "Episode 33: Sylvie Talec" on Spreaker.


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