The students of one primary school in the city of Cudahy, southeast of The Angels, they saw their interrupted activities this morning in a way that they would never have expected. And, near noon, they plane fuel fell!

This was reported by officials of fire Departmentwho received the report shortly before 12.30 p.m. The incident happened after a plane in descent who was going to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) allegedly threw fuel from the air and fell right into the playground from school.

"Multiple patients”Were attended by paramedics, was released through the account of Twitter of firefighters. Although it is not known exactly the number of affected or severity, it is known that some 30 students received attention for assess your health status.

Although the name of the school was not reported, it is known that the report was in the number 8000 from Park Avenue, right where the primary is located Park Avenue Elementary School.

It is believed that the plane was operated by the airline Delta.

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