They seize pirate makeup worth more than $ 300,000: ‘they can have animal feces’

Authorities warn about pirate makeup from China and with risks to skin and health.

Lillian L. Carranza, LAPD

The Los Angeles Police (LAPD) confiscated more of $ 300,000 Dollars in fake makeup, in the center from the city last weekend, the Captain informed Lillian Carranza in your Twitter account.

The makeup came from China and found himself in a store that sells pirate products of brands like MAC Y Kylie Cosmetics. There were no arrests, but Carranza warned: “Tests previously conducted on fake products revealed the existence of animal feces Y harmful chemicals to health". Therefore, he recommended only buy in authorized stores.

In 2018, the Police visited 21 stores in the Fashion district from Los Angeles, where he confiscated $ 700,000 dollars in pirate cosmetics with high levels of bacteria, human waste and animal feces, remember the news chain KTLA.

On that occasion, the raid took place after the companies that owned the brands received Customer's complaints to those who had come up skin problems after using the products they bought in the area.

The black cosmetics market is growing in the United States, according to the FBI, and pirate products may contain arsenic, cadmium and other dangerous chemicals or even that can cause cancer.

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