Authorities select the five developers who will compete for the construction of the Sepúlveda Transportation Corridor

Progress of the project that will connect the Valley with the Los Angeles airport

The project seeks to create alternatives to Highway 405, in one of the sections with the highest traffic load in the entire Los Angeles area.

Screenshot / Metro

Five development teams have been chosen to compete for the opportunity to build the Sepúlveda Transportation Corridor, officials announced Monday Meter.

The Corridor project seeks to connect the San Fernando Valley with the area West Los Angeles, Santa Monica and the International Airport (LAX) with a line of high-speed train and great capacity.

The selected developer teams are ACS Infrastructure Development, THE SkyRail Express, Sepulveda Transit Corridor Partners (Bechtel), Sepulveda Transit Corridor Partners (Fengate) and Tutor Perini, Parsons & Plenary. These companies will have the mission of creating an alternative to the use of the highway 405, in one of the sections with more traffic load throughout the Los Angeles area.

The corridor plans to increase public transport options in an area that is not yet covered by the subway.

“These companies have extensive experience in U.S and abroad, ”said the Metro officer, James Butts

Among them, only two teams will be selected to present design proposals and budgets for the development of the project.

The Sepulveda Transportation Corridor was approved in 2016 and has $ 9.5 billion of financing.

The train line that will go from the Valley to the West of LA is scheduled to open in 2033; however, the authorities consider speeding up the process so that it is ready in 2028, the year in which the Olympic Games Y Paralympics in Los Angeles.

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