He intended to be an Uber driver to sexually abuse women

The convict will spend 29 years in a state prison.

Beverly Hills Police Department

A man from Los Angeles was sentenced Wednesday to spend 29 years in a state prison after being declared guilty of picking up women posing as Uber driver and sexually assaulting them, prosecutors said.

Carlos Omar Pichinte, 42, had not appeared to his audience on September 17 in a series of four attacks in West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, said the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office in a press release.

The series of crimes included incidents in October 2016 and March, April and May 2017, authorities said.

The Pichinte car was equipped with transport application decals and it was reported that he told the victims that he was an Uber driver, but that in reality I was not employed by Uber or Lyft.

Apparently, the defendant would take the victims to another place, where he sexually assaulted them.

He was found guilty of one charge of forced rape and two counts of assault with the intention of committing a sexual assault.


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