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On Thursday, October 17th, Donald Trump inaugurated the opening of a Louis Vuitton workshop in Alvarado, Texas, in the presence of the CEO of the French multinational Bernard Arnault.

"I would like to thank Bernard Arnault who, beyond being a brilliant entrepreneur, is an artist and a visionary," said the US president at the inauguration. "It's a brand that I know well because it cost me a lot of money in my life, " he added in a tone of humor.

Alvarado's new workshop represents a $ 50 million investment for Louis Vuitton and is expected to accommodate 1,000 employees over the next five years. "We participate in the revival of the American manufacturing industrye ", said the US president who insisted on the brilliant results of his administration. "We are doing an incredible job, we are breaking records in terms of employment and I wanted to congratulate my daughter Ivanka for helping to create no less than 14 million jobs in the country. "

Donald Trump added that this new production unit would use "500 of the world's most skilled employees", and "no one is up to the precision and perfection of the American artisans. " He also assured that employees would all benefit "good wages, good health insurance and a good retirement plan (called 401K in the United States). Moreover since my election, the 401K explodes and nobody wants to see it down", Referring to the good stock market figures on which the 401K is indexed. "When people will have to vote and put the ballot in the ballot box, I feel that it will work very well for us ", he concluded.

At the end of the speech, Donald Trump spoke of the name of this new workshop, "Rochambaud Ranch" – which refers to the name of the commander who led the French troops during the American Revolutionary War – to send a spade to Emmanuel Macron . "We have small arguments from time to time. But pass him hello (by addressing Bernard Arnault, ndr). We get along very well anyway, I really like your president.

Asked on the same day by a French journalist about the reasons for the low unemployment rate in the United States compared to France, Donald Trump hit the nail in reply, "Maybe we have a better president than you".


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