A house on Carroll Avenue, in Angelino Heights, which immerses you in the Halloween mood. / Photo S.C.

"Trick or treat?" On October 31, the streets of Los Angeles will be invaded by mini-mummies, young witches and monsters of all kinds. But for the harvest to be good for the little ones, it will be necessary to choose the neighborhood where to wander the evening of Halloween. French Morning gives you a (non-exhaustive) selection of the streets to pick up treats.

Sierra Madre
This area, located to the east of the city (above Pasadena), offers a picturesque setting with its pretty houses nestled in the San Gabriel Mountains. For years, Alegria Street (between Baldwin and Mountain Trail) is famous for its decorations based on skeletons, cobwebs and carved pumpkins. The perfect place to knock on doors and ask for candy.

Venice Beach Canals
The Venice Beach canals (between Dell and Venice Boulevard) are a popular destination for Halloween. Taking advantage of the softness of the seaside, you can wander through narrow streets, cross bridges to admire the decorations of houses and boats, before meeting the owners in costume who distribute treats. Consequence of this success: parking is sometimes difficult in the area, you may turn a moment before finding a parking space.

Windsor Square
From Wilshire to Beverly, from Arden to Van Ness, this neighborhood of Central LA is known for being generous to Halloween. You will not be the only one to go on a candy hunt on its streets. So think of competing ingenuity with your costume to reap large loot.

Hill Drive in Eagle Rock
Hipsters are used to hanging around the side of Eagle Rock. On Halloween, this neighborhood in the east of the city is also worth a visit. On Hill Drive, residents are creative in decorating their homes. You will take full eyes (and pockets).

Toluka Lake
Until his death more than 15 years ago, comedian and actor Bob Hope used to offer large quantities of chocolate and toys during Halloween. His legacy lives on, with residents of Toluka Lake (including many film directors) continuing this generosity on October 31st. Not to mention that the houses of this district of the north of the city are close to each other and therefore accessible on foot. It is recommended that you begin your candy search in front of Bob Hope's old house on Ledge Avenue and Moorpark Street.

Cheviot Hills
The children of Beverlywood and Rancho Park (west of Los Angeles) always choose to spend Halloween night at Cheviot Hills. According to the locals, a house particularly attracts the crowds on Motor Avenue (you will recognize it to crowds piling up in front of it).

Angelino Heights
Whatever the period, the Angelino Heights neighborhood (near Downtown) gives goose bumps with its century-old Victorian homes. And especially, Douglas Street and Carroll Avenue (the latter houses the famous Halliwell sisters' mansion of "Charmed", as well as the house of the "Thriller" by Michael Jackson) that offer a perfect backdrop for Halloween night.

Beverly Hills
In the best-known city of Los Angeles, you'll have to head to Beverly Hills Flats (between Sunset Boulevard and Santa Monica Blvd, Doheny and Whittier). In this residential area, there is a house straight out of a horror movie, the so-called "Beverly Hills Witches House" (516 N. Walden), where treats flow freely.

Redondo Beach
Riviera Village in Redondo Beach organizes a neighborhood party every year on October 31st. All stores are investing to create a fun destination from 4pm. After accumulating treats, you can dine at one of the area's restaurants.


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