The rapper Blueface has unleashed a controversy after a “charitable” action with the homeless of Skid Row.

A video shows when the singer comes to a street in that neighborhood, climbs on top of a van, takes out a bag full of cash and starts throwing it as if it were a rain of bills.

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The homeless arrive anxiously on the scene and begin to fight to accumulate money.

The action was not seen as charity by social network users. For some it was a humiliation with the homeless for the way he did it.

“This is disrespectful and wrong at all levels. If you're going to give something, do it like Jaden and take a food truck, deliver shoes and clothes. Don't make people dance for money, ”said the writer Kim Alsup on Twitter.

A similar opinion was educator Nicholas Ferroni.

“This is unpleasant, degrading and humiliating. This is not giving, this is treating humans with needs like animals, ”Ferroni wrote on Twitter.

Blueface also shared the video, but has not responded to criticism.

What do you think, humiliation or good heart?


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