The group, which is presented today at Staples Center and will be at the Coachella festival, said I will be very grateful to the public

The resounding success with which the Sinaloense MS Band of Sergio Lizárraga shines was recognized this Friday at the Los Angeles Council by the District 1 Councilor, Gil Cedillo, who presented the group in front of municipal officials for his contribution to the Mexican music industry.

“A friend told me one day that I had to listen to this group and I said:‘ Okay ’; I didn't know he was number one of his genre and they were going to be the first band group to play in Coachella, ”Cedillo said to proceed to introduce the singers.

“They are called Banda MS, they are from Mazatlan, Sinaloa, and it is one of the most famous groups in the world and we are very excited to have them here and know that today (yesterday) they will have a concert at Staples Center, for which it is impossible to buy a ticket (because they sold out soon). ”

The councilor expressed his admiration for the MS Band and handed them a plaque of recognition from the City of Los Angeles.

The event was held hours before the group will perform at the Staples Center, the first of its two concerts, scheduled for February 14 and 15, whose tickets were sold completely and made the Sinaloa group become the first of this genre in having two consecutive dates in that room

"We are very happy and excited for this day and for everything that has been going on in our career and especially for this moment that we have been given," said MS Band vocalist Oswaldo Silvas.

"That the city of Los Angeles recognizes us in this way and takes us into account as one of the most influential groups in the Mexican genre (we are glad) and we want to thank all the people who made it possible for us to be here today," he said.

He added: "You can't imagine what this means for Banda MS and what it means as an incentive, not only for us but for the other bands that are fighting day by day."

"Waldo" also took advantage of the press microphones that attended the event to thank the support of his fans.

"We are very grateful to our Latin audience, not only Mexican, also Central American and South American, who always support our music; what we do, we do it with all the passion and all the pleasure and we know that it is little compared to what you they have given us and we will fight to give them more, ”he added.

The MS Band of Mazatlan, Sinaloa, was founded by Sergio Lizárraga. / Photo: Getty

Regarding his concerts in the city, Sergio Lizárraga said they expect fans to be satisfied with their performances at the Staples Center.

“We hope that people leave happy, that is our goal, people have already done their part, which was to buy their ticket to be at the concert, there is no ticket left. Now the commitment is ours so that people leave thinking that it was worth that cost that they paid for a show where we are going to really want it. ”

Emotion overflows

Sergio Lizárraga, founder of Banda MS, spoke with La Opinión about the great moment that the group is going through and its next participation in the popular Coachella festival, where they will have two participations: April 12 and 19.

“This 2020 has received us with many surprises. One of them was Coachellla and there are also some collaborations with artists, ”he said.

Lizárraga shared that among those possible collaborations sound names like that of rapper SnoopDogg and Mexican Carlos Rivera.

After receiving the recognition plaque from the city of Los Angeles, he said he is very excited and that the success the group is experiencing is completely unexpected.

"It's nice that they give you recognition in your country, but it's nice double that they give you recognition in another country," Lizárraga said.

Councilor Gil Cedillo (c) was the one who delivered the recognition this Friday / photo: Iliana Salguero.

“Sometimes words are hard to find when you get involved in recognition like this. I didn't expect it, I was shocked. ”

“I, like Sergio Lizarraga, don't believe all this success. My life has always been to work and let me surprise, but the point of letting myself be surprised has gone out of context. For example, in today's event (yesterday), I expected to go to Staples but did not expect to have two dates. It was all very beautiful, ”explained the leader of the band.

Proud of his Mexican roots, the musician confesses that this type of event forces them to work with more discipline for their followers.

“It means a commitment on our part to be able to represent in a humble way all our people and all our people. The feeling is something difficult to explain … It is very beautiful, very rewarding and the commitment grows, definitely, ”he explained.


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