Lauren Nouchi and Amélie Brick, co-founders of Apparis

In a workshop in Chinatown, nestled in a building without history of Canal Street, twenty employees is active. Welcome to the premises of Apparis, a brand known for its colorful fake fur coats ("faux fur") that we saw recently on the shoulders of Priyanka Chopra, Khloé Kardashian or Sandra Bullock.

Behind this small company that rises, there are two French friends, Lauren Nouchi and Amélie Brick, who dream of a fashion respectful of animals. "In recent months, we have seen the brands "heritage" to make efforts in this direction. But it's more complicated for them. New brands such as ours integrate from the beginning a positive approach towards animals. It's central to what we do"Says Amélie Brick.

The two Marseillaises fell into the cauldron of fashion when they were small. Amélie Brick's family had shoe stores. At the end of her studies, she naturally applied to Hermès, Chanel and LVMH, without knowing that her career would take her to the three famous houses. Lauren Nouchi also comes from a family of traders. Her parents owned a women's ready-to-wear boutique in the south of France. The two friends meet in Boston, then find themselves working together at Louis Vuitton in the 2010s.

In February 2016, Lauren Nouchi left for Yves Saint-Laurent, but "I did not really find my place", she says. During a trip to New York, where his colleague settled in the meantime on behalf of LVMH, they decided to start a business. "We had drunk a little too much wine, jokes Lauren Nouchi. Having business parents gave us confidence. Three months later, we had a website".

The vegan mission of the company is inspired by their experience in the big names of fashion. "We were often dealing with furs and animal materials. I spent time in tanneries, in contact with exotic leather products from ostriches, crocodiles and reptiles. The environmental impact related to the breeding of these animals is very harmful, tells Amélie Brick. I always thought there was a better way to make beautiful products without using animal products".

The tandem sets its sights on the "faux fur", a clothing sector booming with the decline of animal fur. "We made a strategic choice because no one was making quality at a good price in this area", Continues Amélie Brick. The women entrepreneurs are working on the matter and the bright colors of their coats during "several months", Using a process and a factory solution of their own. It is not just fur that is not animal: Apparis coats do not use either leather, silk or cashmere. "Are we activists? No, we listened to what the market wanted. We wanted to do something in adequacy with society", Says Lauren Nouchi.

Their intuition paid off. Since its first pop up in Brooklyn in 2017, the brand has come a long way. Apparis coats and other products are sold at Saks, Bloomingdale's, Moda Operandi, Intermix and Bandier. The two founders also organize many pop up to test their creations and better identify their audience. Apparis is present during November and December in The Mall Mall at Short Hills (Millburn, New Jersey). To end the year, the dynamic company has just launched a collection in partnership with the creator Diane von Fürstenberg and is included in the very follow GOOP guide actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Guests are also welcome to shop at the Chinatown showroom.

Yes "80% of turnover"Comes from the United States, their products have been for a few months at Galeries Lafayette in Paris. "Over the last 18 months, our business has increased tenfold, congratulates Amélie Brick. We will make a big effort on the international stage. We have a strong development potential".


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