Authorities seek to close the "Happy Shoppers" market, for suspicious criminal activity

Authorities of The Angels they presented a demand to close the mini super “Happy Shoppers”, located on the avenue Vermont, in the south of the city, due to the criminal activity that has been presented there repeatedly, according to the CNS news service. Among other episodes, in this place the homicide of a young man, just the day after the business opened.

The Office of the Procurator of the city alleges that Kenneth Wayne Franklin, store owner, "is a founding member of a violent gang criminal organization“, Which allows its partners to meet on the spot frequently.

The purpose of the demand is that the store, located in the 7014 Vermont Avenue, be declared as a "public nuisance" and be forced to close. In addition, Franklin would be prohibited from opening any other business in the state of California, without prior authorization from the Court.

During the opening of the mini super shop Happy Shoppers, the past June 23, between 20 and 30 gang members gathered In and out of business, drinking alcohol and smoking weed all night. At 2 in the morning, Mount bowman, 18, was shot multiple times and died, according to reports from the Policeman. Franklin was present when the events happened.

In the place, open 24 hours a day, there have been other assassination attempts and “illegal activity”, such as prostitution and drug traffic, according to the demand.


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