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[Article partenaire] You are surely familiar with Verified Reviews, the worldwide standard for collecting customer reviews. SKEEPERS is the group resulting from the merger of Avis Verified with two French nuggets of customer experience: Mediatech-cx and Teester. With this large-scale operation, the international group, founded in Marseille with offices in 7 countries, now extends across the entire customer experience value chain and is committed to the economy of trust.

Emergence of a French champion of customer experience

The group, until then represented by its American subsidiary Verified Reviews, already has more than 250 customers in the United States and intends to bring its French Touch in terms of innovation dedicated to the customer experience, in particular thanks to the two nuggets that come from to join the group: Teester and Mediatech solutions. ” All supports from the Francophone or Francophile community are welcome and, notice to those concerned, we are strongly recruiting to strengthen the teams! ”Confides Pascal Lannoo, CMO of the SKEEPERS group and former director of customer experience at OUI.sncf, 1er e-merchant from France.

But who are these two nuggets that have everything to seduce the American market?

First of all, Teester, with its unique positioning: a pioneer in consumer video, the MarTech nugget created in 2016 allows the biggest brands and e-commerce sites to automate the creation of authentic, relevant and qualitative videos produced directly by their consumers and employees. These videos automatically broadcast on product sheets and all media help brands such as Petit Bateau, Decathlon, Weber, Disney increase their sales. Its video technology, which has won multiple awards, brings concrete results: in 2019, the 17 million videos viewed from the product sheets led to a 68% increase in the conversion rate.

Mediatech-cx is a solution dedicated to the Voice-of-the-Customer, the platform intervenes throughout its journey to measure and analyze its perception through surveys, web opinions, and production data. Consumer feedback, transformed into concrete actions, allows companies to better manage the customer experience and have a tangible impact on performance. The French nugget, launched in 2011, supports nearly 90 major brands in more than 40 countries, such as Air France-KLM, Nespresso, Malakoff Humanis, BNP Paribas Cardif, Engie and even EDF.

What ambition for the USA?

Pascal Lannoo, CMO of the SKEEPERS group and former director of customer experience at OUI.sncf

“SKEEPERS provides a global response to US brands and retailers who need to analyze and engage their customers across the entire shopping experience cycle. From data, to advice, to the creation of customer content … to guarantee their growth, brands must now enrich their value proposition on the basis of consumer insights and contributions while responding to the new challenges of the ‘economy of confidence’ specifies Pascal Lannoo.

For the launch, the Verified Reviews site will serve as an entry point to explore these solutions. Verified Reviews is a solution specialized since 2012 in the collection, publication and analysis of authentic customer reviews. Its solutions boost the conversion rate of retailers and guide consumers in their purchases.

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