The big tree fell unexpectedly on a woman walking and also on a car

A tree falls on a woman in Glendale and 4 men could not lift it

The big tree gave no time to anything before falling on the woman.

CBS Video Capture 2

A huge tree fell on a woman in Glendale on Sunday, and it was so large that four men could not lift it.

Greg Mills of CBS2 spoke with two witnesses, a mother and a daughter.

The woman was trapped for about half an hour until rescue teams were able to take her out.

"I heard a crac and I saw the woman back up just enough and cover her head and the tree was already on her," said Melissa Walch, who saw the accident.

The tree fell on the legs of a woman who was strolling through a dead end on El Side Drive. It also caused damage to a car that was parked nearby.

"She kept screaming, take it off, take it off," Walch said. But they couldn't move it, although the Walch family and their neighbors tried.

“We had four men and a cat trying to take it off and there was no way. Which, in hindsight, was probably a good thing. The weight of the tree probably acted like a tourniquet, ”said Walch.

She said that The woman had compound fractures and her right leg looked worse than the left. From the fall of the tree until the moment when firefighters were able to remove it from under it, Walch estimated that approximately 30 minutes passed.

Firefighters used inflatable devices to lift the huge tree.

The victim was reportedly taken to Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena.

The woman's wounds do not endanger her life, but her legs and left arm were injured. She also had some serious cuts and scratches.


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