It tastes like chicken, it looks like chicken, but ... it's not chicken!

The version of 'fried chicken' invented by Lynn Torres has a texture very similar to the famous fast food.

Eat Love (Instagram).

Lynn Torres know that the fried chicken It is one of the foods of fast food and accessible People prefer more. But she has created an option healthier: he fried chicken without chicken. And with this dish in the center of his menu, he opened the restaurant Eat love, at Orange County, California.

When her husband got sick of diabetes, long ago, Torres searched different ways of preparing food to change the diet of his family. She had always liked the food, but it was then that she decided to enter the Cooking school.

Then he started testing until he managed to create a dish that looks like fried chicken, but it's made from ingredients of plant origin. She takes care of the preparation, for which she uses a kind of bread or gluten, which gives a shape and texture very similar to fried chicken.

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“We are better than KFC and Chick-fil-Abecause we want to share food delicious and amazing without hurting the animals and without harming our health, ”said Torres.

Torres started with a position that opened on special occasions, then had a foodtruck but with time and with the taste of people, he finally opened his restaurant Eat Love, in Fountain Valley, California, very close to where she spent her childhood. There it also offers a sauce similar to Chick-fil-A but healthier, vegan ice cream and cookies. Eat Love is located at 17870 street Newhope.


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