A shooting happened on Wednesday night leave the balance of a deceased person Y another with wounds, the authorities of Long beachsouth of The Angels. The suspect it's found stopped.

The crime occurred near the 6:30 pm., in front of the house of the same suspect, in the street West 19, according to Police department from Long Beach. Officers arrived at the scene in response to a shooting report. Raquel Bramasco DeDavila, 63 years old, was found on the site with serious injuries from gunshots and was taken to the hospital, where he later died.

A man was also taken to the hospital, where he still survives. His identity has not been disclosed.

"While they were checking the area, the police located the man and the woman with injuries from the shots in the upper body," he said. Shaunna Dandoy, from the Police Department. There, "the officers knew that the suspect was inside the house, that it was surrounded by the officers until the suspect surrendered and surrendered in a short time."

Jesus Romero, 46 years old, was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and attempted manslaughter, subject to a $ 2 million dollar bond.

"At the moment, the evidence suggests that there was a personal dispute between the suspect and the victims," ​​Dandoy added.

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