Julien Fayard (Credit: Suzanne Becker Bronk)

In episode 5 of Vino Vidi Vici, Stéphanie Cabre takes us on a trip to the star of the wine regions of California.

She talks with the "winemaker" from Provence, Julien Fayard, who decided to specialize in the production of rosé wine within his company Azur. While France is the leading producer and the largest exporter of rosé, the French decided to make his own in the United States according to his Provencal method. And it works! Because Americans are now more and more crazy about this nectar that puts sun in our glasses in the summer.

On the menu of this conversation: how the rosé, long criticized, has regained its credentials, how do we recognize a dry rosé, the Instagram effect on the sales of rosé in the United States, the secrets of winemaking and the peculiarities of the terroir of the Napa Valley …

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