Eleven people were arrested for the crime of "recycling fraud“, The authorities of Monday informed California. The suspects allegedly disappointed to the state with more than $ 2 million.

According to the report, it was a major fraudulent operation, for which the suspects were dedicated to bring cans Y bottles to California From the state of Arizona!

They also brought materials from the state of Nevada to the recycling centers Los Angeles area. Illegally, they charged recycling deposits and in this way it cost the state more than $ 2 million.

The suspects accumulated bottles and cans in warehouses in Los Angeles, in what they carried to make the collections. Among the suspects is an operator of a recycling center from Pacoima.

The operation is illegalbecause consumers in Nevada Y Arizona do not pay 5 to 10 cents what the population of California It pays in deposits, so they cannot show up to collect refunds in this state.

After a 4 month investigation by the Department of Justice and Recycling, those involved now face charges for fraud, conspiracy Y major robbery.

Only in this month, the suspects had 17,669 pounds of aluminum; 7,554 from plastic, Y 2,430 glass, with potential value of $ 38,899. The authorities have already secured and confiscated all the material.

The names of the suspects are Yajaira Rojas, Isaiah Rojas, Raul Fernandez, Catalina Hernandez, Enrique Purple-Amador, Jaime Bojado Perez, Jose Orozco-Lopez, Selvin Rodriguez, Amnel Ruano, Arturo Reyes Y Carlos Grimaldi.

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