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Recruiters do not share information with other government offices.

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"They tell us that the census is confidential, but how do I know if they are really those of the Census?"

Marta Linares, a resident of Arleta, in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, and without immigration documents is not the only one in fear of being scammed by impostors who impersonate workers from the Census Bureau. Linares arrived from Guatemala almost 30 years ago and helps one of her daughters take care of children in her "Family Day Care". Linares has not yet been able to regularize his immigration status.

In an interview with The opinion, the 61-year-old immigrant shared her fears, not only as an immigrant without documents, but also as Senior citizen

“Years ago, they cheated my husband on the phone. A man pretended to be a bank employee and my husband gave him information that I shouldn't have given him. In December of last year, they started calling us again asking us for information and posing as the Social Security Office. Now we are afraid that it happens again, ”he confessed.

Not only some migrants without legal documentation fear being victims of unscrupulous people. Jane Hernandez, a neighbor of Linares, is a 76-year-old American citizen and also expressed concern.

“People of our age are always more vulnerable, because we are not familiar with the internet and we are more confident,” he shared.

The Census Bureau warned of possible scammers who not only pose as interviewers for information, but also about imposters who offer jobs in the Census Bureau, in exchange for money.

Census employees use phones with the official logo.

Employment opportunities

"Nobody is going to appear at the door of your house to offer you a job as a census interviewer, without having previously inquired about it," he said Patricia Ramos, spokeswoman for the Census Bureau, in an interview with this newspaper.

Ramos said they exist very good opportunities to work as part of the national count and recalled that there are positions that pay $ 25 per hour. But at the same time he warned about possible impostors posing as recruiters. The expert recalled that the Census Bureau It does not require a sum of money to start the job application, or to pay for a supposed training.

The interviewers will be knocking on doors between May and July, but they will carry with them an official identification.

"The phones and tablets of the census workers show a logo that says ‘Bureau of the Census ’”, He said.

Starting March 12, the government office will send Postcards that offer three options: complete the count online, by phone or on paper. Those who do not respond will be visited by an interviewer in person.

Another way to recognize workers is their bag with the Census logo.

From data to statistics

Ramos reminded the public that the data collected by Census workers they immediately become statistics and they are not shared with any other government office.

"At no time will the address or names of people be revealed," he confirmed. Ramos explained that people should only offer a last name, regardless of whether they are single, or married. He also confirmed that the pollsters do not ask about immigration status of the person.


The Census Bureau offers advice to recognize possible impostors. We share some of them.

  • The Census Bureau Do not send emails to request your participation in the count, without having previously requested it.
  • The Census Bureau will never ask for your Social Security number, bank account, credit card, money or donations. Census questions refer to those who live in the home, how many they are, what the ages are.
  • The Census Bureau is not affiliated with any political party in particular.

Verify your identity

If you are not sure if it is an employee of the Census Bureau, or an imposter, you can verify his identity in this way:

  • Ask him to show you a valid ID. This must include a photo of the person, a watermark of the Department of Commerce and an expiration date. ID cards also have a chip similar to that of credit cards.
  • Census workers also carry a bag, as well as laptops, tablets and cell phones with the
  • You can also call 1-800-923-8282 and speak with a local representative of the Census Bureau.
    If you determine that this is an impostor, you should immediately contact the LAPD or the Sheriff.

For more information visit: The Census Bureau website offers information in four languages, including Spanish and Portuguese.


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