The incident was recorded thanks to a camera located in the doorbell of the house

Video: They steal a woman with a gun in front of her house in West Hills

It is believed that there are three suspects for the robbery.

Screenshot from surveilance camera

The police are in search of a hooded man who stole a woman in front of her home in West Hills. The robbery, which happened on Monday night, was captured in a surveillance video.

The incident occurred around 10:30 at night in the 7700 block of Woodhall Avenue, Los Angeles Police Department officer Mike Lopez said.

The 27-year-old victim, who does not want to be identified, said he was returning home after being where a friend was. He parked his vehicle in front of his house and that was when the attack happened. She heard footsteps as she walked towards the door and saw someone approaching her quickly.

"I don't know what was happening," said the victim.

In the audio of the video the man who steals it is heard saying: “Give me your p @ # $ wallet. You won't want me to kill you for that. ”

The suspect He points the gun directly at the woman while the $ 500 purse abruptly starts. Then the man turns and runs away. There is a second suspect standing in the front garden during the robbery that also flees.

The woman was not injured during the incident. He tried to chase the suspects, but he realized that he would not be able to reach them. Authorities believe there is a third suspect, who was waiting for the other two in the escape vehicle.

The victim has not been able to determine if the thieves followed her to her home or if it was an isolated event. "This is always going to be in my mind, which can happen to me anytime or anywhere," said the traumatized woman.

The Police Department is investigating the incident.

Watch the video here.


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