Placid Domingo, who was the General Director of the Los Angeles Opera, today announced his resignation, after seeing the legacy of his six-decade career stained by accusations of sexual harassment against him. He also stated that he will put aside his future presentations.

“As I continue my work to clear my name, I have decided that it is in the best interest of LA Opera to resign as its CEO and that I leave my future actions, ”he said in a statement sent to Efe by his representative.

“I have the Los Angeles Opera deeply in my heart and I count my work to create and raise it as one of my most important legacies,” he said Sunday, who was general director of this institution since 2003.

"However, recent accusations that have been made against me in the press have created an atmosphere in which my ability to serve this Company that I love so much has been compromised," he added.

Sunday He explained that the decision to resign has been made "with a heavy heart", and wished LA Opera to continue "growing and shining."

After knowing the resignation of Sunday, LA Opera reacted by thanking its "unprecedented and profound" contribution to the cultural life of Los Angeles.

"Under his leadership, the Los Angeles Opera was known for its spirit of collaborative creativity and its ability to attract magnificent artists from around the world," said the executive committee of the LA Opera board of directors in a statement obtained by Efe

"We thank Placido for popularizing opera in Los Angeles consciousness and we are deeply grateful for his inspiration and dedication to our institution and community," he added.

The resignation of Sunday, one of the great figures of classical music of all time, arrives a week after he retired from the Met Opera in New York a day before the planned premiere of "Macbeth."

The Spaniard was charged in August by about twenty women who reported him for different cases of alleged harassment and sexual abuse in a journalistic investigation by The Associated Press.

LA Opera then announced the Opening of an investigation to determine the veracity of these accusations.


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