Another incident happened three blocks away, in a 26-story tower, in the Brentwood area, west of the city

A 25-story residential building burst into flame Wednesday morning in the western area of The Angels, according to the Fire Department report. The tower is located at number 11740 on West Wilshire Boulevard.

The fire is started on the sixth floor of the building. A undetermined number of people were inside, and some of them jumped from that floor or the floors near the fire. There were also people who went upstairs to the terrace. At the time of this report, the firefighters they were still trying fight the fire.

In another incident, also in the area of Brentwood and on Wilshire Avenuebut in the number 11601, another built, but of offices, burst into flame. It is a 26-story tower on the corner of Wilshire with Saint Vincent There, the plastic protections that covered the first 3 floors while remodeling were set on fire. The biggest damages were on the first and second floor.

More than 50 people were evacuated from the building , only one was taken to the hospital, but it is reported out of danger. Said fire, which occurred at 6:30 a.m. was extinguished in 40 minutes by the officers of the Fire Department.


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