As we report in this medium, a tower of 25 floors burst into flame Wednesday morning in the area of Brentwoodin the west of The Angels.

Staff of Fire Department (LAFD) from Los Angeles, with the support of personnel from Santa Monica, answered the call to 8.37 a.m., and it took about 1 hour and a half in extinguish the fire.

The authorities reported 8 people who were injured, mainly affected by the smoke, of which 6 people were transferred to the hospital. One of them is in serious condition, according to a statement from LAFD. The identity of those affected has not been disclosed. The causes of the fire are unknown.

Several witnesses and neighbors of the place spread the information that one or more people jumped from the 6th floor to get safe; however, the authorities report that it was probably a confusion of the witnesses, due to the dense smoke that appeared in the place. “It is likely that the alleged person who jumped was the man who later was rescued by a firefighter on an extended ladder“, They communicated.

Instead, a person recorded the rescue of people that they still occupied the building, and that they climbed onto the terrace in the upper partwhere the helicopter With rescue personnel he approached and managed to get people out of there:

The KTLA chain recalled that in October 2013, a fire exploded in the same building, from the 11th floor, displacing dozens of inhabitants and causing millions of dollars in damages.

This same Wednesday, another fire was reported less than five blocks from the tower, in a 26-story building.

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