It had been said that he would arrive at the Ontario airport, but they changed the decision to receive them at the military base

The plane with 200 evacuees from China lands by the coronavirus in Riverside

The plane in which the Americans who were in Wuhan, China were repatriated.


LOS ANGELES.- A plane with about 210 Americans evacuated from the city of Wuhan (China), epicenter of the outbreak of coronavirus, landed this Wednesday in a military base from Riverside, in California.

The ship chartered by the Department of State was originally scheduled to land in the Ontario International Airport, about 40 miles (64 kilometers) of the Angels.

Nevertheless, Tuesday afternoon Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced the new landing place, furthest from residential areas.

On his way to California, the plane made a scale in Anchorage, in Alaska, for refuel, and where passengers underwent medical checkups to continue their trip to California.

Passengers, among whom are personnel of the Diplomatic corps, Y a dozen minors, will be subjected to a new revision in the military facilities of the base March Air Reserve Base, located about 65 miles (110 kilometers) from Center of Los Angeles.

The CDC said in a statement that the passengers were reviewed and evaluated by medical personnel at “every step of the way, even before takeoff” and upon arrival with the objective of “guaranteeing the health of each traveler”, including temperature controls and observation of respiratory symptoms.

In the area of ​​California already reported two cases of the outbreakwhile in U.S There are a total of five cases confirmed by the CDC.

Aerial images of the local media showed the plane parked in the middle of the runway with the stairs extended without passengers descending immediately.

The health authorities indicated that if any of the passengers have symptoms will be transferred to a hospital for an "additional evaluation" and those who will not be asked to remain at the base until a more thorough evaluation is carried out.

The CDC indicated that they are taking all necessary measures, although they reiterated that The risk of exposure to coronavirus to the general public is "low."

This morning national media reported that the White House studies the possibility of imposing a temporary ban on flights to and from China due to the disease, which has already caused about 6, 000 confirmed infections Y 132 deaths.

The outbreak of coronavirus in China has been worsening and spreading, since in addition to the US, there have been isolated cases in at least 13 other countries, although no deaths were recorded.

Some airlines had already suspended a large number of flights between the United States and China, citing in part a significant decrease in demand, but United Airlines and American Airlines have decided to completely freeze some of their routes with China from February due to the spread of the coronavirus

According to media, American Airlines it will cancel its flights from Los Angeles to Shanghai for the moment Y Peking from February 9 to March 27.


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