'It is worth the unveiled', say the attendees who, regardless of the cold, arrive at dawn to witness the traditional event

As is already a tradition in Pasadena every January 1, thousands of people gather along Colorado Boulevard to enjoy the beauty of allegorical floats, musical bands and equestrian equipment at the Rose Parade.

This 2020, Latin participation did not go unnoticed as three bands from Latin America paraded – Mexico, El Salvador and Costa Rica – as well as that of Puerto Rico and Los Angeles.

Along the 5.5 mile route of the parade people were seen waving the flags of their countries while waiting anxiously for the great event that was televised in more than 170 countries to begin.

The LAUSD band was one of those who represented Latinos in style. (Jacqueline García / The Opinion)

Lourdes Rosales, from Mexico, said that there was no excitement waiting to see his countrymen, the band ‘Los Aguiluchos de Puebla’.

"I came to see them the second time they came and right now," said the woman who arrived at the place at 3:00 a.m., with a group of people. "And from here onwards the times they come we will come to support them," he said.

Lourdes Rosales (right) arrived with a group of people to support the Aguiluchos de Puebla. (Jacqueline García / The Opinion)

A few steps away was Salvadorian Isis Sánchez who said she arrived shortly after midnight yesterday to take her place and support her band El Salvador; Great as its people.

"We are proud to be able to see you in this parade which is one of the biggest (events) in the world," said Sanchez, who waved a huge blue and white flag.

His cousin, Neri Santos added that he was very happy to see his "Thumb of America" ​​in the Rose Parade.

"It's worth the effort," said the young woman, who has already attended before. "But now I come with more pleasure to support our country's band."

Isis Sanchez (center) with her cousin Neri Santos came to support the band of El Salvador Grande as their People. (Jacqueline García / The Opinion)

Unforgettable family reunions

Among the multitude of attendees, relatives could be found who came from afar and asked their loved ones, who live in Los Angeles, to take them to see the parade.

Such was the case of Mrs. Aida Gutiérrez and her daughter Aida Salazar who arrived from Costa Rica to spend the holidays with Gutiérrez's other daughter, Teresa González.

The mother indicated that it was a great pride for her to know that the municipal band of Zarcero, Costa Rica, was representing them worldwide.

"I feel very good and very happy that we arrived just in time to see them," he said.

From left to der. Aida Salazar, her mother Aida Gutiérrez, her sister Teresa González and her brother-in-law Jorge González. (Jacqueline García / The Opinion)

Teresa González said that fortunately they managed to get tickets in a very good area of ​​the route to see the parade and did not miss the opportunity.

"We arrived at about six in the morning and this is the first time we have come … We are very happy," he said.

The floats dazzled those present in the parade. (Jacqueline García / The Opinion)

On the other side of the route was Mrs. María Campos, who waved a small Mexican flag with great pride. She said she arrived with her two sisters from 5:00 a.m. To set aside place.

"I am from Guanajuato (Mexico) but of course we came to support the Aguiluchos," he said.

"My sister comes from Chicago and asked us to come to the parade to support the bands."

The sister, Cristela Campos, said she was very excited to see the parade for the first time.

The other sister, Minerva Pérez, confessed that this has been one of the best New Year's meetings: to spend time together all three.

"We came especially today because my sister wanted to do it," Pérez said. "And when Puebla passes we will throw all the batons."

The Rose Parade 2020, in its 131st edition, was a great success on the Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena.

The sisters Maria Campos, Cristela Campos and Minerva Perez in the parade of the roses. (Jacqueline García / The Opinion)

Latin Representation

Under the slogan "The Power of Hope" the parade of two hours, for the first time had a spectacular list of Latin participants from different fronts.

Singer Ally Brooke was in charge of the musical opening of the parade with the song “Reach for the Stars” that she recorded with the reggaeton Farruko and was written by the famous producer Emilio Estefan Jr.

Then, from his carriage, the great marshal – acclaimed actress Rita Moreno – did not stop greeting all her followers who applauded to see her pass. Behind her came gymnast Laurie Hernández and actress Gina Torres.

Rita Moreno got up from her carriage to greet the crowd of parade attendees. (Jacqueline García / The Opinion)

They were followed by the guests of honor Jaime Jarrin, who is the commentator of the Dodgers in Spanish, Ellen Ochoa the first Latin astronaut to go to space and Sonia Manzano, who gives voice to Maria in Sesame Street.

The president of the parade of the Roses, Laura Farber, who is also Latina of Argentine origin, said that the three invited guests exemplify the power of hope. He referred to the way they had to be their best as having inspired others to achieve their ideals.

39 floats traveled the 5.5-mile route in the parade of the roses. (Jacqueline García / The Opinion)

"Hopefully anything, in fact everything is possible," Farber said in a statement. “Hope is more than simply the possibility of realization. Hope is dignity and respect, joy and happiness, aspiration and achievement, ”he added.


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