Tired of waiting for the bus? They promise to add units and improve service in Los Angeles

The plan to improve the public transportation system in Los Angeles includes adding more units to the main routes.

Aurelia Ventura / Impremedia / La Opinion

The authorities of Metropolitan Transportation of the Angels (Meter) revealed this Monday their plan to offer a service of most frequent buses, which constitutes the first adjustment plan from the county bus network in more than 25 years.

If approved, the plan would imply changes visible to users, who currently have to wait up to more than 20 minutes for the next truck to pass, depending on the route. Instead, with the improvements, buses are anticipating it doesn't take more than 10 minutes, at least in the main 29 routes.

To achieve this, the authorities consider add more units Y reduce the number of stops, which would be moving forward longer journeys in less time.

In addition, the plan includes a budget of $ 750 millions of dollars, to synchronize traffic lights and delimit exclusive lanes for buses, as well as $ 150 million for the change of site and improvement of the stops.

It is expected that with these changes the number of passengers increases from 15% to 20%, and offer a more real and practical alternative against the use of the car. If approved, the plan will allow you to see your first results by the end of next year.

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