'Nobody has a complete account of how many children have been abused': victim's lawyer

For cases of sexual abuse, students earn up to $ 2 million against Los Angeles schools

Telfair Elementary School in Pacoima, where former teacher Paul Chapel abused 13 students and was sentenced to 25 years in jail in 2012.

Ciro César / The Opinion

The Los Angeles School District (LAUSD) pay to $ 25 million for several demands related to inappropriate sexual behaviors, the newspaper reported Wednesday Los Angeles Times.

Two of those demands are related to cases of sexual abuse that occurred in the primary Telfair and De La Torre, why a couple of teachers meet a jail sentence. The authorities agreed to pay until $ 2 million per victim.

However, the plaintiffs warn that the situation is far from being resolved. “No one has a complete account of how many children have been abused, how many cases were stopped by agreement and payments, ”he told that newspaper John manly, lawyer who represented some of the victims.

The sum of $ 10 million will be given to five former students of the school Of the tower in Wilmington, while the plaintiff victims of Telfair will receive $ 8.4 millions.

The district had already paid $ 88 million 30 students and family in 2016; In addition, the authorities agreed to pay $ 200 million for the sexual behaviors of Mark Berndt, former school teacher Miramonte That is also in jail.

Other cases are those of high school Vista Middle School in Panorama city, Leonis High School in Woodland hills and the primary The serene.

The sex abuse scandals they made the authorities of the Los Angeles School District (LAUSD) form a special investigation unit

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