More than authentic food, the Santa Monica site 'is inspired' by traditional dishes

Who live in The Angels we know that the options of Mexican food abound for some years, and many are excellentWell, they offer authentic food made with recipes and original ingredients from Mexico.

In this rich panorama the new restaurant Undermine it, which recently opened its doors in the city of Santa Monica.

With a combination in your name, enter the word “plinth”And the idea of ​​being in the southern California (SoCal, in English), the new site, opened at the end of the year, is led by renowned businesswomen Mary Sue Milliken Y Susan Feniger, owners of the legendary Border grill in downtown Los Angeles (DTLA).

The history of the pair of chefs is long, because they made a place in the city of Los Angeles since the 1980s, when they chose to Mexican food as their tool and his specialty.

But Undermine it offers a menu rather "inspired" in Mexican food, although with very California touches. For example, they include “bowls"And it includes quinoa and"chorizo ​​impossible“, That is, vegan. Other rare dishes in the Mexican diet, such as chicken rinds or tinga with poblano, make their appearance.

Option for daring Mexicans or for newbies in Mexican food who want to dabble?

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