Boys and girls perceived the strong smell of gasoline; skin irritation, eyes and a good scare, the effects

In total, 60 people were affected by fuel thrown from a plane in Los Angeles

Reactions of students and parents, leaving Cudahy schools, after a Delta plane threw fuel on them in Los Angeles.


A total of 60 people were affected for the incident this Tuesday, why a plane who was going to Los Angeles airport (LAX) threw fuel, which fell on the Cudahy areaat southern Los Angeles.

As we reported in this medium, the fuel fell in the elementary school playground Park avenuewhere at least 20 children Y 11 adults received attention from staff of fire Department. Later it became known that the incident also affected others five schools of Cudahy and South Gate, Four primary and one secondary.

After inspecting the affected sites, the authorities assured that the danger had passed, as the hazardous material had been removed. Schools could resume your activities normally this Wednesday.

“Drops of water fell. I thought it was a rainbow, and turned to look at the sky, but it was gasoline ”, told CNN chain Justin Guiti, student of fifth grade at Park Avenue Elementary. The fuel fell even in his eyes. Also to Miguel Cervantes, from sixth grade, who said his skin was irritated after the incident.

Students received attention from Fire Department personnel. flight 89 of the airline Delta had just taken off from LAX airport, bound for Shanghai, China, when he decided to return and perform a emergency landing. "The plane landed in a safe way after one fuel release of emergency to reduce weight"Said the spokesman for Delta, Adrian Gee.

However, some people have criticized the plane's decision and have drawn attention to the fact that the children in this area suffer, by high levels of pollution. Activists and inhabitants call it "environmental injustice". Some local authorities demanded that an investigation be carried out to demarcate responsibilities. For example, the Supervisor Hilda L. SolisHe declared: “I insist on a full investigation to determine the cause of this incident. ”

Too Jack warrior, from the City Council of Cudahy: "I am calling for a full federal investigation into the matter, and I hope that those responsible will be found."

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