Falsifying information in police reports 'is a crime': Chief of Police

Scandal grows over Los Angeles policemen who blamed innocents by posing as gang members

Headquarters of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Aurelia Ventura / Impremedia / La Opinion

Now there are 20, the Los Angeles police that are found under investigation by falsify reports, incriminating innocent people for inflate statistics. According to the investigation, the cops they signed people, almost always latin and colored, and recorded them without evidence as gang members. "It's a crime“, He said Tuesday Michel Moore, Police chief of the Angels.

As reported last week, suspicious police officers are members of the Elite division It covers the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The information they falsified comes from the reports from when they stopped random car drivers, and recorded them as gang members or partners.

The investigation came after a mother of San Fernando Valley He received a letter from the police stating that his son was a gang member and had been registered as such in the police databases. As it was not true, he told the nearest police station. Officers compared the police report in writing with the videos recorded by their body camera and realized that there was no evidence for what the agent had reported.

Initially, a dozen police officers were suspended while the investigation was taking place, but now there are 20 the police officers investigated, and could become a investigation criminal. The scandal raises questions that still have no answer, the most important: How many innocent people were falsely registered as gang members?

Officers were assigned to special patrols in the South Los Angeles. “This definitely seems like a criminal act. Falsifying information in a Police Department report is a crime, ”Moore said.

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