It is estimated that adults sexually assault one in four girls under 18

Three Hispanics arrested for kidnapping and rape of a minor in California

Victim of sexual abuse, a teenager was rescued from her kidnappers in the
Los Angeles area.

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THE ANGELS.- Three latinos suspects of kidnapping, torture, rape and child abuse of a Teen who disappeared last Saturday night were arrested in Southern California, authorities said Tuesday.

The three Hispanics are Irving Galván, 22 years old and resident in Chino Hills; Encino Limón, 21 years old and who lives in the city of Crown, Y Eric Trejo, 25 years old and resident in Saint Bernardine.

The police of Ontario -to the east of The Angels– He located the girl on Sunday at the residence of Galván, after investigations carried out in several social networks based on the complaint of the girl's parents.

As reported Tuesday to Efe the detective Chris Ables, the young woman, whose identity has not been revealed as a minor, was held against his will in the residence of Galván when it was rescued by the authorities. The girl was sexually assaulted.

Galván faces charges of kidnapping, rape, sexual abuse of a minor and false detention. Lemon was arrested at home and charged with child sexual abuse. Trejo, on the other hand, faces charges for contacting a minor with the intention of committing a sexual offense.

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Those arrested are expected to be formally charged before a judge this Wednesday.

The authorities believe that it is possible that the suspects have contacted other young people through applications of social networks how Snapchat.

The Police from Ontario has asked the community to denounce any similar case and recommended to parents what check cell phones his sons to verify who they have been in contact with.

As reported by National Resource Center on Sexual Violence, one in four girls Y one in six children will have been sexually assaulted before turning 18 and the 76.8% of people who sexually abuse a child they are adults. EFE News

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