They suffer the effects of tensions between the United States and its country of origin: Iranians in Los Angeles

The Iranian community in Los Angeles is the largest from that country in the United States.


In the same way that The Angels houses the largest number of Mexicans outside Mexico, this city is also home to the Iranian community more numerous that exists outside of Iran.

This has made the area's population look especially affected because of the situation of tension that now exists between your home country and U.Safter the death of an Iranian military high, the commander of the Revolutionary Guard, Qasem Soleimani, and to this day, when the president Donald Trump gave a speech in which he announced Economic sanctions for that country

The neighborhood of "Tehrangeles"at West from the city, is the principal settlement of the Iranian community in Los Angeles. There they settled down to seek peacebut the death of Soleimaní last week He relived the fear of a war.

“There is concern. It shows on the faces ”, says Efe, Swim, a immigrant Iranian who did not want to give his last name precisely out of fear.

Not only a war I could "bring you problems" to them indirectly. As of now some people have been affected: as reported by the newspaper The New York Times, some 200 migrants With residence in U.S and even citizens Americans were arrested “unfairly” in the border, to be the subject of interrogations by migration staff.

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