They remove a huge bear after their dangerous walks through Monrovia

An adult bear walked the streets of Pasadena until they managed to catch her.

David McNew / Getty Images

A large black bear that roamed a neighborhood in southern California and quickly captured national attention was reassured by wildlife officials and transported safely out of the area, reports ABC News.

The bear was first seen in a residential area of ​​Monrovia, a city in Los Angeles County located in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in the San Gabriel Valley, KABC station in Los Angeles reported.

Multiple local media and wildlife officials arrived on the scene, along with some cautious but curious spectators.

At a point around 6:50 a.m. local time, the bear was seen from above as he walked to an iron entrance door where a homeowner's dog was barking and standing on the opposite side.

The animals made no physical contact, and after the bear turned around and walked to the house next door, the dog retreated to the backyard.

Finally, after hours of wandering from house to house, The bear decided to take a nap and slept peacefully until the helicopters and lawnmowers woke him up. It was then that the Fishing and Hunting officials reassured the bear and took him out of the yard.

The 6-man team was seen moving the huge black bear, which seems to have brown fur, on a large green tarp across a residential yard to the bed of a van, the video shows.


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