The message of authorities and community leaders is to no longer give bribes to public servants

If you plan to travel to Mexico this holiday season, do not forget to download on your mobile phone, the application “Denuncia Paisano” to report “bites” – bribes for withdrawing fines – and extortion by public officials.

Adriana González, the Consul for Legal Affairs of the Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles, said it is very important that they download that application so that in case of suffering an incident with the authority, they denounce it.

He also said that they should take advantage of benefits of dual citizenship, and take with them, your Mexican passport or birth certificate. "This will save the payment of 30 dollars charged to foreigners," he says.

The consular official recommends that the countrymen follow the safety precautions that would be taken if they traveled to any other country in the world, not forgetting the road measures if they are going to drive to Mexico by car.

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced in his press conference Mañanera that they plan to receive almost four million countrymen who will travel from the United States and Canada to spend the holiday season in Mexico.

“We have to receive them with much affection, with much affection; take care of them, protect them and we will make this support plan known to our countrymen who visit their relatives, ”he said.

The operation of the Paisano program for 2019 that began on December 1 and ends on January 12, contemplates the participation of 1,000 observers from the National Migration Institute that will be in airports, bus stations, international crossings and public squares in more than 180 cities .

The observers will be in provision from give information in the themes from security, Health, entry from vehicles, pets, taxes and others.

Consul González recommended to report any abuse of human rights, at 800-715-2000, or visit the website

You can also obtain the digital version of the Country Guide in physical format, where you can find information about supports, benefits, procedures, requirements and permits.

The National Guard joins efforts to monitor federal roads, airports and other areas of federal jurisdiction in the 32 Mexican entities. The purpose is to prevent the commission of crimes, and preserve lives and possessions as well as provide assistance in case of accidents.

José Ángel Barajas, president of the Sinaloense Fraternity of California, recommended that the countrymen who are going to travel this season, not to take “bites”, for any reason. "Some countrymen is it so accustomed to give bites, but them I recommend no do", he claimed.

And he also called for respecting the laws to avoid any possible arrest that could affect their immigration status in the United States.

For security reasons, he advised if they are going to travel by car to Mexico, not driving at night. "Respect the limits from speed and the rules of the highway"Urged.

report abuse

Mauro Hernández Mayoral, president of the Regional Organization of Oaxaca based in Los Angeles, said that when the countrymen look at an act that is not normal on the part of the agents on the Mexican side how to ask for money, they must report.

“We have to go out more in defense of our rights against the harassment of the police in Mexico. You have to have the courage to denounce any illegal act when the authority tries to bribe us and get some money, ”he said.

He showed that especially indigenous people who do not speak Spanish or English well, are easy prey for anyone. “They can't defend themselves. They must go in a group just in case something happens and they can defend themselves, ”he noted.

Hernández Mayoral explained that airport customs personnel are usually quite abusive.

But in addition, the countrymen have to deal with changes without any warning from Mexican airlines.

“One stays at the airport. To reschedule the trip is quite difficult. The abuse of the airlines They are a trouble very strong that has not been Market Stall on the table of discussion. The rules are not clear. It's time for people to dare to report airline abuses to make them more regulated, ”he said.

Car caravan

Gonzalo Farías, former president of the Colima USA Federation, recommended that the countrymen who are going to travel by car, do everything possible to go by caravan of two or three cars to protect each other.

“Another recommendation is that they do not travel at night and in unpopulated areas not only because of insecurity but also because of fatigue. It is preferable that, at night, stop driving and arrive and sleep in a hotel. The rest helps a lot. The government does its thing. You have to do your part, ”he says.


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