"How to give the customer what they want when they want? "It is from this reflection that Antoine Chassonnery and Audrey Sigoure decided to launch their new concept of French pastry under the name of FoliePop's.

Their first store will open in Austin in the spring of 2020, in the Hill Country Galleria shopping center. FoliePop's is a cake with three components: the nest-shaped Foliebase decorated with a pastry cream and surmounted by a chocolate ball filled with a coulis that one loves to mix all the perfumes. " We wanted the customer to be the chef too, choosing from 8 basic options, 8 cream options and 8 grout options. In total, the consumer has the opportunity to create 512 combinations in original size or mini ", Says Audrey Sigoure, co-founder of the company. A salty version of this greed also exists on the same principle but with only 3 basic options, 3 creams (bolognese, tartiflette, vegetables), and 3 cheeses gratin. Each consumer will have the opportunity to make their own cake, according to their tastes and desires. The idea is to allow everyone to discover new flavors and to please.

Seduced by the city of Austin and its dynamism, during a family trip, the two French decided to take the leap and leave Dubai where they both worked for Fauchon, famous brand of luxury French cuisine. " We believe that a quality pastry through a unique and customizable product fully corresponds to the evolution of the consumption mode in the United StatesSays Antoine, who as a chef is already working on new flavors. " It is a cake that reinvents itself every day to infinity. Also, we will facilitate the choices with recommendations and suggestions every month "Adds the latter. At the same time, a luxury catering and pastry business will complete this offer.

In the medium term, the couple plans to open a dozen satellite stores in Austin and expand the number of shops for FoliePop's in Texas, perhaps duty-free. Several hotels and restaurants have also demonstrated to establish collaborations in the near future. Decided to revolutionize French pastry, they plan to open a training center in the very long term, or sell their products to distributors.


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