For a city counselor in San Bernardino County, Latinos are "a demographic problem."

He Justice Department presented a lawsuit against the city of Hesperia and the county sheriff of Saint Bernardine by discriminate against the Latino population and African American with new order about living place. According to the lawsuit, one of the councilors of the city calls that “it's a demographic problem”The growing presence of Latinos and other groups in the city.

For this new order that the city spent looking for “prevent people with criminal activity ” can rent In some homes in Hesperia, there have been many illegal evictions against Latinos and African Americans, according to the Justice Department.

The order called “Income for crime-free housing” began to take effect in January 2016, and was amended in 2017; since then he demanded that property owners notify if they suspected that any of their tenants were involved in alleged criminal activities. But with this pretext, according to the text of the lawsuit, many families, including children, were unfairly thrown out of their homes, even without evidence of criminal activity.

The demand aims to put a halt against this law and "protect the rights of all," as reported.


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