(Partner article) In 2019, the CFE launched a reform on the treatment of care performed in France. This reform further affirms the status of Social Security Fund of the CFE and offers the possibility of allocating or keeping a Vitale card for a CFE insured.

Benefits :

– Possibility of benefiting from third-party payment in certain cases.
– Shorter payment times.

Who is concerned ?

All members eligible who often return to France for their care or to meet their health professionals.

What are the eligibility conditions?

– A definitive social security number for the main contractor.
– A valid email address.
– A French address (optional) to be able to send you the Vitale card.

What is the Vitale card for?

Your Carte Vitale contains all the information necessary to reimburse your health costs. By presenting it to your doctor, you have the assurance of being reimbursed more quickly, without the need to send a treatment sheet. For all questions concerning the Carte Vitale, consult the FAQ of the CFE.

What date will this device be in place?

An experiment will be conducted over a period of 3 months (from December to February). This phase will allow the CFE to analyze user feedback. Then at the end of this experiment, the service will be deployed for all members according to the cases presented below.

You join CFE in December and you have no complementary health insurance:

From 12/15/2019, for all new CFE memberships, new members will have access to the "Carte Vitale" device (subject to eligibility conditions). From this date, for all your stays in France of less than 6 months, you can use your Vitale card with authorized health professionals.

You are a member of the CFE and you have complementary health insurance:

For several months, the CFE has been working jointly with all of its partners so that their joint members can use their Vitale card. The work started will be finalized at the end of the year for the implementation of the service during 2020. All the members concerned will receive a communication to inform them of the opening of the system.

You are a member of the CFE and do not have any complementary health insurance:

The CFE will offer this service to all members without additional health insurance in early 2020. As soon as the system is opened, you will be informed by email of the possibility of using your Vitale card.

For more information, contact the CFE online.

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