This is the list announced by the health authorities of San Bernardino, California

The Environmental Services Division and of Health of the county of San Bernardino, California, communicated this weekend the list of restaurants, located east of The Angels, that did not pass the inspection between January 31 and February 7, so they will have to close, either provisionally or indefinitely.

Inspections are carried out routinely and periodically, to ensure that the establishments comply with health standards. Grades can be TO (90-100 points), which means that everything is in order; B (80-89p points), which is in "acceptable" condition; Y C (70-79 points), which means that "it does not maintain acceptable conditions", and more inspections will be done.

If a restaurant gets less than 70 points on inspection, its temporary or indefinite closing is required.

These are the restaurants that did not pass the inspection:

  • Surf City Squeeze, located inside the Inland Center Mall. The place does not have hot water, even though one of the workers said the water heater had barely been replaced. In addition, some surfaces in contact with food are not clean. The employees do not know the cleaning procedures and the utensils are washed only once a day. Mold was found in the drain.
  • Tudor House, at 800 Arrowhead Villa Road, Lake Arrowhead It operated without a valid permit. $ 2,215 fine.

  • Papayon, 247 W. Francis St., Ontario Cockroach Plague They were seen on the kitchen floor, on the floor of the restaurant and drawers.

Additionally, the authorities reported that the following restaurants are located under surveillance, although its closure was not ordered, for minor offenses:

  • Golden pizza, 1200 E. Highland Ave. Suite G, Saint Bernardine. Traces of rodent droppings in the hold, and one of the employees did not wash their hands during the inspection.
  • Wienerschnitzel, at 1175 E. Walnut St., Ontario. Food spoiled in the refrigerator was detected, too much smoke in the kitchen, mold and other irregularities.
  • 2 Guys Feet, 56969 Yucca Trail Suite A in Yucca Valley Foods are not stored at appropriate temperatures in the refrigerator.
Bento Kuma, in Rancho Cucamong, another of the restaurants that remain under surveillance.
  • Bento Kuma, 8796 19th St. in Cucamonga Ranch. The manager did not wash his hands, food not kept in adequate temperatures, utensils not properly washed, different areas require cleaning.
  • Bruce’s Place, 6162 Rotary Way, Joshua Tree. Food preserved at inappropriate temperatures, there was no sanitizer in the dishwasher.
  • The Living Root Cellar, 12 N. 6th St. in Redlands. The dishes are not washed properly, the water heater does not work.
  • Song Chan Ramen & Grill, 13788 Roswell Ave. Suite 178, in Chinese. Food preserved in temperatures and conditions not suitable. Washbasins without soap, mold, use of dirty water.

This information is accessible to the public and can be consulted every week on the website of the County Division.

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