They copy Batman! Los Angeles police try new tool to stop ‘the bad guys’

"Bola Wrap 100", the device that Los Angeles police officers will be testing from January 2020.

Taken from Wrap Technologies.

Coming Soon, hundreds of agents will be using a new tool That works for tie and having to possible criminals, without having to use a weapon, as announced on Tuesday Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). He device It looks a lot like one of the accessories that Batman He has in his famous belt, as several people noted after the announcement.

The device name is "BallWrap 100“, And consists of a small box with a firing button. When activated, the sound looks like a gun shot, but instead of bullets, throw a rope with hooks which serves to tie the person who signs up. This would give the police time and distance, to stop a possible attacker, without using a gun or an electric paralyzer ("teaser").

The authorities clarified that this tool would not be used if the attacker has a gun.

Such devices they are already being tested in other counties of California, like San José and Fresno. In Los Angeles the tests will start from next month of January.

The tool reminds the accessory belt Batman, who among his curiosities has explosives, paralyzing, binoculars, antifantasms and other rare things, but it also has a “batter“A rope with hooks at the ends that the superhero uses to tie his enemies and catch them quickly.


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