They abuse women while sleeping in their own bed ... next to her husband!

Spoken portrait of the suspect.

Riverside Police Department, California.

A woman slept in her apartment, normally, when he suddenly woke her up a subject which was sexually abusing her, in his own bed. Next door was lying her husband, to whom the woman alerted of the incident, reported the Riverside Police, California.

The events happened in the neighborhood of Sycamore Canyon, around the 2:40 in the morning from December 11.

According to the communiqué of the authorities, the Police received a call in relation to a robbery in a house, but when the agents arrived, they learned that the suspect he went to the apartment and sexually assaulted to the woman while I was asleep. This woke the victim, who alarmed her husband, asleep beside him. The suspect ran away.

Now the police are trying to locate the subject, Hispanicbetween 35 and 40 years old, short hair and brown skin.


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