Airplane falls on Highway 5! They perform forced landing in the Los Angeles area

Image of the forced landing on Highway 5, in Carlsbad.

Screen capture / KTLA.

A light aircraft made a forced landing Thursday night on the Interstate 5, in Carlsbad, California, due to an electrical failure. According to the authorities, no wounded reported.

The vehicle lost energy and was forced to land around the 7:10 p.m., in the southbound lanes off the road near the avenue Tamarack.

The plane was coming from San Gabriel Valley and headed to the airport Carlsbad’s McClellan-Palomar, when the engine lost strength. Then the pilot decided maneuver To make the landing. Fortunately, the incident did not cause car accidents No worse shocks.

The ship suffered minor damagebut the pilot and his passenger left unharmed.

This landing is the second which is done on a road in the county of San Diego the last 15 months. In October 2018, Ryan Muno, former player of baseballlanded on Interstate 8 in The drawer.

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