David Rojas paid $ 20,000 bail and could face three years in jail

David Rojaspolice of 27 years assigned to the central area of ​​the city of The Angels, It was arrested this thursday by handle a corpse while he was doing his duty.

This was reported this afternoon by the authorities of the Police department, after investigating the case: have sexual contact with a corpse it's a crime: "It is a violation of public trust, ”said the chief Michael Moore.

As we inform you in La Opinion, after a random check between the video recordings of the cops, one of the officers found disturbing images of officer David Rojas while attending a call. Together with a partner, he responded to the report of a woman's body in the area, and after declare his death, the partner returned to his patrol.

At that moment, Rojas turned off the camcorder that he had on his torso, and he got to wanking woman's breasts. What he did not count on is that the camera continued recording for a couple of minutes, which was enough for him to discover.

David Rojas, who lives in the East of Los AngelesHe paid $ 20,000 dollars of bail for not staying in jail. Now he will go to trial, where he could face up to 3 years in jail. Authorities said the crime he committed It's disgusting".

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