The season that started in September is 'different' this year: Los Angeles authorities

There are 70 deaths from influenza in California, 32 were children

The vaccine helps protect against a variety of the disease, so it is important to apply it.


"Still they are on time to get the flu vaccine“, This week the authorities of the Health sector of Los Angeles County reported. This, because the season ends until the spring. Meanwhile, 70 people died from the disease in the state, 32 of them were children.

Los Angeles County is “experiencing high levels of influenza activity“Added the officers. Every person over 6 must receive the vaccine every year.

Just on Wednesday of last week, the city of Long beach announced another case that ended in the death of a person.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, influenza B, a variant of the virus, is the one that has prevailed this season, something that had not happened since 1992.

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