Along with him, a citizen of Chinese origin also suffered; both sue the authorities

Officials from Saint Ana They left handcuffed Y locked up in a pickup truck for hours, to two people that were under his shelter, as alleged in a federal lawsuit that was presented this week against that city, south of Los Angeles. For the tremendous hot that was reached inside the vehicle, the two "They could have died".

According to the newspaper Los Angeles Times, the events occurred last April, when They march thin, Mexican immigrant, Y Dongyuan Li, of Chinese origin, were transferred after attending their hearings in the cut. Delgado faced a trial for returning to U.S after it had been deportee.

Both were handcuffed, with shackles of ankle Y chains at the waist, and were placed in the back seat of the truck. They were taken back to the prison in Santa Ana, but once there, Caroline Contreras, prison officer, parked and turned off the truck. Then, she and the officer of the Ricky Prieto Police they simply left "without looking back," leaving Delgado and Li inside and with the windows closed. The vehicle gave directly the sun's ray.

As the temperature rose, both "began to cry and sweat profusely," according to the text of the lawsuit. "They couldn't breathe". Helpless and not knowing why they had been left there, "they thought they were going to die inside the truck."

On a day when the room temperature is over 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26 celsius), inside the car you can exceed 123 degrees In an hour. Delgado and Li were left in the van During 4 hours.

When they finally came back for them, they both suffered extreme dehydration and heat stroke, losing consciousness at times. Therefore, they had to be transferred to the hospital, where they stayed for a couple of days.

It is not clear why the officers left them there, nor is it known whether they have been punished for the facts.

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