After the attack on Iran, Los Angeles authorities ask to report any incident that indicates retaliation

In the wake of the bombing by the government of Donald Trump that ended the life of an Iranian military commander on Thursday, the US authorities monitor with more attention and care in case of retaliation.

Especially in big cities like New York and Los Angeles, ABC7 said. And it is that the leaders of Iran already asked for “revenge” for what happened against Qasem Soleimaní, who at the time of the air attack was in Baghdad, Iraq.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said yesterday in its Twitter account that they had not received any credible threat but that they were monitoring the events between both countries.

"We will continue to communicate with local, state, federal and international partners that safeguard the law in relation to any situation that may develop," the message added.

The entity added that the Police Department is committed to ensuring the security of its "vibrant and diverse" community.

Also, they remembered the slogan of the “If You See Something” campaign.

This was created in 2010 with the objective of training local and state authorities; In addition to raising awareness in the community to report any behavior that indicates terrorism or any crime related to that issue.

What is considered suspicious activity?

Some of us might think that we should only report if we see that someone suspicious leaves a backpack at the train station or leaves a suitcase outside a building; However, there are other behaviors to consider.

  • Threatening to commit a crime that could end the lives of other people or damage sheltered buildings and establishments can be considered a suspicious activity, according to the National Security portal.
  • Among others it mentions surveillance. That is, people who show a prolonged interest in taking photographs or videos of staff or of the items used for the security of a particular place.
  • Theft of equipment, such as uniforms or badges (plates) of an institution.
  • People who, without authorization, try to enter a restricted area.
  • Also those who impersonate a certain place or use false documents to carry out any illegal activity.
  • Those who ask the staff many questions about a certain event, about the place or security.
  • Those who acquire or accumulate unusual objects and materials, such as telephones, antennas, radio network controllers or toxic materials.
  • You can also report to the authorities if you discover that someone has an unusual amount of weapons, explosives or chemicals stored.
  • If someone breaks or compromises the information of an organization through its technological system.For more information about suspicious attitudes and protect your community visit this guide.

For its part, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (LASD), faced with the threats of revenge of Iran's leaders, said:

"Almost every nationality in the world can be found in Los Angeles County … Keeping residents and tourists safe is our priority," said entity head Alex Villanueva in a statement.

He added that there are no credible threats for now, but that the Intelligence Unit monitors the landscape. He also asked to report any incident to Crimes Stoppers at 1 (800) 222-8477.

"We are with all communities and cultures to take action against all hate crimes directed at anyone, including faith communities," the LAPD said.


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