There will be musical bands from Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico.

Just one day from the long-awaited Rose Parade 2020, all participants prepare to give the best of their presentations in this great event that will be seen by millions of people and broadcast in more than 170 countries.

To the surprise of Latinos, for the first time the Rose Parade that bears the theme “The power of hope” will have a great Latino participation.

Among the guests of honor for the parade in its 31st edition will be the Dodgers Spanish commentator Jaime Jarrín, Sonia Manzano, who gives voice to Maria in the Sesame Street and Ellen Ochoa program, the first Latin astronaut to travel to space .

The great marshals will be actresses Rita Moreno and Gina Torres and gymnast of Puerto Rican roots Laurie Hernández.

Perhaps much of this important Latin presence begins with Laura Farber, who is the president of the 2019-2020 Rose parade. Farber, of Argentine origin, is in charge of leading the more than 900 volunteers, as well as the queen of the parade and her court.

"The theme of 2020 is‘ The power of hope. " With hope, we can aspire to improve and inspire others to reach higher; hope never gives up; hopefully anything, in fact, everything is possible, ”Farber said in a statement.

Regarding the bands, four will set the mood with the music that characterizes Latinos. The bands that arrive are from Mexico, El Salvador, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. And you can't leave behind the Marching Band of the Los Angeles Unified District (LAUSD), which has a significant number of Latin music students.

Laura Farber, president of the Parade of the Roses 2019-2020, appears with the youngest member of Los Aguiluchos de Puebla at just 8 years old. (Jacqueline García)

Los Aguiluchos de Puebla for the third time

Unable to hide his emotion, Juan Carlos Cuatzil, director of the band Los Aguiluchos de Puebla, said he is proud to be able to represent Mexico this January first in the 2020 Roses parade.

Cuatzil participated for the first time as a musician student when Los Aguiluchos de Puebla were invited to represent all of Latin America in the 2004 Rose Parade. This was the first band that opened the doors so that eventually more bands were invited to the world-famous parade.

"Thanks to the Rose Parade (in 2004) I dedicated myself to study music and then I was part of the percussion instructors of this band and I am currently the director," said Cuatzil, on Sunday shortly before starting his presentation at the Bandfest, an event prior to the parade of the roses where all the bands make their musical presentations at the Pasadena school.

The Aguiluchos de Puebla appeared on Sunday at Bandfest de Pasadena. (Jacqueline García)

Cuatzil said that for them, simply leaving the country changes their lives in a very positive way.

“The first time I participated I cried. It was very nice because we are welcomed by the countrymen who live here, and although we are not family, it feels very good because we are representing all of Mexico, ”said the director.

Pride was shared by the 190 students and six instructors, who put all their effort and effort to give a spectacular presentation at the Bandfest. Among the students was Cristian Martínez, 16, who said that he had visualized this dream for a long time and was very happy to see it come true.

"It's very exciting to see other groups and the bands here that are very good," Martinez said. "Representing Mexico is always a great honor, sharing music and culture is a total honor."

Jesús Antonio Güisado said that since they arrived in Los Angeles several were incredulous, but excited to share the good experiences with other bands.

Carmina González, one of the dancers in the band, said that when she was told she was selected she took it as a very big responsibility.

“We want to come and surprise, like Mexico and with our talent,” said the student of the Children Heroes de Chapultepec School Center in the city of Puebla, a school to which the band belongs.

Pura Vida from Costa Rica

Another of the participating bands is the Costa Rica band Zarcero, which is composed of 240 members.

Luis Miguel Araya Rodríguez, deputy director of the band, said they felt a lot of emotion when they were announced that they had been accepted, 14 months ago, but since then, they have been preparing.

"Really (Bandfest) was a taste of what we will see in the parade of roses and I am very happy," said Rodriguez, who could not contain the excitement of seeing the flags of Costa Rica showing support.

"In the data we had is that there were at least 300 Costa Rican people supporting us and it is very exciting," said the artist.

Costa Rica had an impressive presentation at Pasadena Bandfest. (Jacqueline García)

This band is very peculiar since it does not belong to a school, but rather to the canton of Zarcero, which is a town in the province of Alajuela, Costa Rica, whose Zarcero park is known worldwide. There the auditions were held to choose the participants.

“Right now we have the representation of all the municipalities. The majority is from the canton of Zarcero but there is also a large part of other cantons and provinces, ”Rodríguez said.

Marvin Cubillo, one of the participants, said that emotion has been in full bloom at all times.

“We have prepared for a year, quite a few trials; It's very tired but the experience is wonderful, ”said Cubillo, who first arrives in Los Angeles.

Elesban Rodríguez Robles, the band's director, said that at the time they performed at Bandfest, he could not contain the tears. He explains that at that time all his teammates felt at the level of the best bands in the world.

The members of the Zarcero band of Costa Rica were very excited after their presentation in Bandfest at the Pasadena school. (Jacqueline García)

Nor did the compatriots who came to support them go unnoticed and said they were ready to do their best this January 1 at the Rose Parade 2020.

In the parade 39 decorated floats will be presented next to the 20 national and international bands and 17 equestrian groups. It all starts from 8 am on the Colorado Boulevard in the city of Pasadena.


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