You can visit the demonstration center, located in AltaMed, to familiarize yourself with the machines and be ready for the 2020 vote

Dr. Ilan Shapiro, a pediatrician at AltaMed Health Services, said that in his daily work he is in charge of prescribing medicines, ensuring that children have their vaccinations and current medical insurance.

However, he added, it is very common that in the conversation with parents they highlight current issues.

"And they asked me: 'Doctor, are you worried about the voting?' I say: 'Of course I'm worried because if we don't vote places like AltaMed, the schools and services we use every day can be affected.'" Shapiro said this week during a press conference.

At that meeting, AltaMed announced that its Commerce clinic is one of more than 10 locations in Los Angeles County that already has the new voting machines.

Shapiro mentioned that he as a doctor can control 20% of a person's health, but in matters of education, food and activities of daily living, he cannot do anything.

"Unless (US citizens) raise their hands and say," I do want that, I don't want that, "said the pediatrician.

New method since 2020

AltaMed officials said they are trying their best to inform the community about the new electronic voting system, called “Voting solutions for all people” (VSAP).

This method will be used from next year's primary elections replacing the polling stations where they used to vote – marking the paper with dots.

"AltaMed is delighted to be the only health center selected by the County to be a demonstration site for the new voting system," said Jennie Carreon, assistant vice president of civic participation at AltaMed Health Services.

"As a trusted community partner, we are in a unique position to involve hard-to-reach people in the electoral process," he said.

Interested voters can get there and learn how the machines work and practice to feel more prepared when election day arrives.

The machines are available at various locations in Los Angeles County, including libraries, community centers and town halls. Some were placed strategically to help the people who need it most.

"We want to make sure that those communities that have been underrepresented in voter registration are included not only on election day but also in the design process and available services," said Dean Logan, the county clerk of records. of the Angels.

The VSAP model provides all voters, regardless of their age, disability or language, the experience of private and independent voting in an accessible and convenient way.

Supervisor Hilda Solís said it is very important that all people vote. (Jacqueline García / The Opinion)

Eleven days of voting

Another benefit that will start from the 2020 primary elections is that voters will have an 11-day period to vote at any polling place located within Los Angeles County.

"Ten days before Tuesday of elections, voters can go to any of the 250 locations that will have a machine to vote," Logan said. "Four days before the election will be increased to 1,000 locations."

The most important thing about this new voting system is that voters will not be required to attend their voting center according to their residence address.

"If they have a locality nearby, they can go (to that place) when they leave work or when they are out on the street," Logan added.

Voting machines are available in 13 languages, including Spanish, and have specific services for people with disabilities.

Supervisor Hilda Solís said there is now no excuse for not voting and added that her office will continue to offer informational forums to the community to explain how to use the new machines.

"Regardless of all the negativity of those who say their vote does not count, we want people to participate because every vote is necessary," said the supervisor.

He added that for many, the people to whom we give all our trust are teachers and doctors.

"So that's why it's very important to have a voting machine here (at AltaMed)," said the supervisor.

As a civically engaged health care organization, AltaMed is promoting the “My Vote, My Health” initiative to inform, empower and mobilize its patients and employees to protect access to their medical care through the power of suffrage; in addition to education and dissemination about the Census.

To know where there is a voting machine to practice near you visit:


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