The woman, with her majestic voice, was captured in a video by the Los Angeles Police

Last Friday a video of a woman singing at the Wilshire and Normandie subway station in Los Angeles went viral.

Who? Where did you learn to sing that way?

Little was known about this woman, until last Sunday I decided to reveal his life story in the ABC chain.

Her name is Emily Zamourka and she is 52 years old. He arrived in the United States from Russia when he was 24 years old in search of the American dream. For years, he taught music and sang on the streets of Los Angeles before beginning to suffer from health problems. He had several jobs to survive.

The talented woman played her violin in the streets, until three years ago his instrument was stolen while he played in downtown Los Angeles.

“At that moment I was homeless. It was when I couldn't pay any of my bills and it wasn't enough for me to pay the rent, ”said Zamourka. After she was taken out of the place where she lived and began to live on the street, she began to sing.

"Right now I sleep on a cardboard in the parking lot," he said. “I sleep where I can sleep. There are people who feel sorry for me, but I don't want to be a burden to anyone. ”

Zamourka dreams of the day when he can return to work in music.

She said she was surprised when she found out that her video had gone viral and hopes that this will help her to start transforming her life.

"I will be very grateful to anyone who helps me out of the streets so that I can have my own place and get my instrument back," she said, for what se has created a GoFundMe page to help her out of the situation she is in.


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