Strong winds, drizzle and low temperatures in the Los Angeles area

Cloudy sky and strong winds over Los Angeles.

J. Emilio Flores / The Opinion

Menacing clouds cover the sky of The Angels from this Wednesday and it is expected that until the weekend, according to National Metereological Service.

Along with the cloudy sky, the humidity it will be perceived especially in the North Zone of the area as well as in San Luis Bishop Y Saint Barbara. It is possible that in the same areas they fall drizzle, which is also forecast for the mountainous line of the county of Kern. This, as a result of a low pressure system which is moving from the Pacific Northwest towards the part north of the state of California.

Usually, heavy rains are not expected for this phenomenon, but a warning what will be strong winds throughout the area, which will be active until 3 a.m. next Friday “Wind gusts make driving cars difficult,” so “extra caution” is recommended for all drivers, especially those who drive large vehicles or move external objects.

For people who inhabit or cross the highway 5, especially in the area of Grapevine and high mountainous areas, extreme precautions are suggested, as in addition to drizzle a slight fall could fall Nevada, which makes the roads more slippery.

The authorities warn that it is forecast another storm for next week, although the intensity with which you will feel is still unknown.

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