Those from Atlanta and Seattle were registered in places 4 and 5 of the world list

Although you do not believe it! Los Angeles Airport is the seventh most punctual in the world

Building and restaurant downtown Los Angeles International airport, in 1962, when the control tower was not yet built.

Robert J. Boser / EditorASC

The expert company in analysis of data about travel OAG published this week its recognized world top Over the most punctual airports of 2019. Surprisingly, that of The Angels, better known as LAX, was registered as the seventh most punctual of all the “mega airports” monitored.

“Mega airports” is considered to all those with an annual minimum of 2.5 million travelers what they leave from the city. As expected, the higher the passenger traffic, more complicated is for the airport.

For the fourth consecutive year, the most punctual mega airport (with more than 30 million seats taking off), is the “Tokyo Haneda", from Japan. Of those found in U.Sthose of Atlanta Y Seattle They were the best qualified, occupying sites 4 and 5 of the entire world list.

This is the complete list of the world's top 10 most punctual airports:

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